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Founder & Managing Director,

Nathalie Willis-Davis

Having moved from London to Cascais with her two school-aged children in 2019, Nathalie experienced some of the educational challenges that families can face when relocating:  not understanding the curriculums on offer, lack of information on the differences between schools, misjudging the impact of the local culture on the school experience, inexperience with the university systems, difficulty finding the right experts. She was determined to smoothen the relocation path for those arriving after her and not only structure and clarify the school search process but also offer a suite of educational services to assist children throughout their international learning journeys.

Drawing upon extensive experience counseling families worldwide, Nathalie recognizes that they each have unique educational expectations and aspirations. For this reason, Tendoria’s dedicated and highly experienced team provides a personalized service that caters to each child’s or teenager’s needs.

From its roots as a consultancy focused on school search in Portugal, Tendoria has grown to offer school search and placement in Spain, global university advisory as well as tutoring and coaching. More services that positively impact a child’s international learning journey will be added in due course. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

In short, Nathalie is amazing and her services are so worth using! She helped my husband and I navigate the school process for our son when we were considering a move (and then moved) to Lisbon. All of the recommendations she gave were spot on, and we trusted her judgement 100%. She also went above and beyond to give us other tips and guidance as we made the move. I can’t recommend her more. She’s fantastic. And my son is so happy at his school!

Elisabeth from the United States

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