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Advising on international schools and bilingual private Spanish schools in Madrid and Valencia.  More cities in Spain will be added soon.


Educational Advice

Schools for Children Aged 2 to 18

As global citizens, we understand that an international move requires a lot of adjustment for the whole family. Landing at the right school can make all the difference — for your child and for you.  We provide the support you need and the confidence you seek that the school you choose is the best one for your family.

Whether it be an American, British, French, IB, Spanish, Montessori or Waldorf school, we will guide you through the process and provide you with the detailed and unbiased information you need to make the best decision for your family.

“I was initially unsure about the role of Education Consultants as most of us probably feel that choosing a school for our children should be second nature but both Nathalie and Tanya were excellent and I can see why families would (and should) use their services.

They provided objective information on a range of schools in Madrid, offering a broad yet still targeted selection, […] covered key topics such as curriculums, results etc., they also spent a lot of time trying to gauge what would work best for us as a family both culturally and socially.  They brought ideas and perspectives to the table that we hadn’t previously thought about […].

I really feel they have helped to guide us on the right path, one I’m not sure we would have taken without speaking with them first.”

Jo from the UK

What We Cover

We work with families to identify the best schools for their children, devise an application strategy and assist them throughout the application process. This is a bespoke service, delivering more in-depth advice and support than a relocation or real estate agent can provide.

Our school experts regularly perform formal school assessments which include school visits and ongoing communication with schools.  The unbiased information we provide is based on facts, not opinions.


Understanding a different schooling system can be challenging. We explain all of the options so that you’re confident in the choice you make.

iconAcademic and pastoral quality

We share our in-depth knowledge with you so that you know what to expect.


An important aspect of any school, we provide you with all the details.

iconAn insider's view

You will have access to insights about schools that can only be gained after the years of experience we have speaking to Heads of School, teachers and countless local parents.

iconApplication strategy

School places, especially at certain schools, can be hard to come by. We devise an application strategy with you so that you know which school to apply to and when.

iconPeace of mind

Finding the right school can be a stressful process, especially during a move.  With our expert guidance, you won’t waste any time researching the wrong schools or miss any deadlines.  We’ve got you covered.

School Advisory Services

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