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Coaching and tutoring can provide your child or teenager with the tools and skills they need to flourish. Whether it be tutoring to reach academic goals or coaching to nurture personal growth, our carefully selected and trusted partners can help.

Boosting Skills

Experienced & Knowledgeable Tutors

The right tutor can give your child the confidence they need to excel at school and reach their goals such as earning the grades they need to qualify for their dream university. The tutors we work with are experienced teachers in the subject area(s) you require: they are experts in their field as well as at the exams that your teen is preparing for so you can rest assured that your teen is being given the tips and tricks needed to succeed.
The partners we work with cover a range of tutoring needs from primary through secondary school, either online or in person. Below are commonly asked for areas of assistance but please get in touch with us to enquire about any tutoring need you may have.
IB Diploma Program
SAT Prep
“Thank you so much for recommending Lisa.  She is a terrific IGCSE history teacher. It was clear that she has extensive experience with the exam as she knew how to focus Ella´s work and provided really useful study tips. Ella now feels so much more confident about her exams coming up!”
Linda from the UK

Passionate & Empathetic Coaches

We believe that a holistic approach to education works best. Our partners are experts in personal growth, from helping a child with relocation angst to improving a teen’s executive functioning skills, to helping them discover and showcase their passions, to easing exam stress, and everything in between.

Kelly Davis
Certified Educator & Learning Coach
Kelly is a dedicated learning coach with extensive experience supporting learners aged 14 to 21 across diverse educational settings, including traditional classrooms, homeschooling, and online platforms. With over 10 years of global educational experience, including co-founding a self-directed school and working with students in transition, Kelly is passionate about unlocking the potential of every student. Her mission is to foster learning independence by empowering students to take ownership of their education. Through personalized coaching sessions, Kelly assists learners in developing critical thinking skills, cultivating effective study habits, and mastering time management techniques. With a focus on nurturing a growth mindset and providing essential tools, she aims to instill the confidence and autonomy necessary for students to successfully navigate their educational journey.
Kirsten Cobabe
Teen and Parent Coach, MSW (Master of Social Work)
Kirsten, family coach and teen whisperer, specializes in supporting both teens and parents in navigating the waves of adolescence. Her intentional approach focuses on creating lasting connection through curiosity, presence, authenticity and awareness. With over 20 years’ experience with families, Kirsten supports parents in learning how to listen to, and talk with, their teens. She engages parents in personal reflection, embracing their new role, cultivating rapport, understanding the teen brain, transforming obstacles and restoring harmony in the home. In recognizing this unique stage of development, Kirsten's mission is to bridge the widening gap between parents and their children, creating conscious and strong bonds. Through tailored strategies, compassionate guidance and proven techniques, she empowers families to pilot these pivotal years with understanding and grace. Kirsten's work is not just about addressing immediate concerns, but about lighting the path to a more empowered future, ensuring that today's challenges become the foundation for tomorrow's brighter relationships.
Audrey Besson Levine
Parenting Coach
After many years traveling around the world in various finance roles for General Electric, Audrey Besson Levine changed careers to become a certified life and executive coach. She practiced as an executive coach while living in Los Angeles. Returning to Europe in 2015, she completed several parenting courses including Lori Petro, Dr Shefali, Dr Markham, while studying child psychology at the Open University in the UK. She is currently completing Compassionate Inquiry therapy training designed by Gabor Mate to bring trauma release to her practice. Audrey assists parents in understanding the origins of their parenting challenges and provides guidance on how to effectively address them. She holds the belief that cultivating self-awareness and understanding our triggers is pivotal in supporting our children, and she sees the journey of healing our childhood traumas as the route to fostering our own children's well-being.
Mariam Ottimofiore
TCK Author & Speaker
Mariam is a Pakistani and Italian expat author, writer, researcher and economist. She is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) expert, via her own and her children’s experiences living in numerous countries around the world. Her debut expat book This Messy Mobile Life: How a MOLA can help globally mobile families create a life by design comprises personal reflection, expert advice and survey research to help global expatriates navigate their international journey. She is a fixture on the relocation circuit, speaking regularly at international organisations and schools around the world about the particular issues that TCKs face and how to make the most of an international move. Mariam currently lives in Cascais, Portugal with her half German/half Italian husband and her German-Pakistani-Italian kids, born in Singapore, Dubai and Lisbon.
Matilda Ruby
Educational & Behavioural Therapist
Matilda is the founder of Ruby Bloom, a provider of therapeutic educational support services for young people. As a qualified Educational and Behavioural Therapist with over 10 years’ experience designing and running youth programs, Matilda is passionate about supporting young people to achieve their goals. Her work combines tutoring, learning support, and coaching principals and her services include educational coaching, ADHD coaching and non-diagnostic assessments. Prior to training in Education, Matilda earned a double degree in Visual Communications & International Studies from the University of Technology Sydney, and still loves to create art. Matilda is interested in harnessing the power of design and education to drive positive change in destigmatising learning differences and mental health. She works 1:1 with young people to build confidence, exceed their own expectations and create a learning environment that is fun and collaborative.
Sam Mason
Certified Educator & Learning Coach
Sam leads the NoticeAbility Entrepreneurs and Innovators Course. Created with Harvard Business School, this self-esteem boosting course challenges students (aged between 10 to 14) to create a marketable product whilst learning about the M.I.N.D strengths associated with dyslexia. Working in small groups online, they identify problems in the world around them, come up with multiple solutions and distill them into a product which they then pitch to investors (friends and family).  The program enables students to discover more about themselves as dyslexics and why having dyslexia is an advantage that can set them apart from the rest of the world. https://www.noticeability.org/

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