The Complete School Placement Package (from €1,350)

In addition to everything included in The School Placement Package, our expert will also visit up to three schools with you.  You will gain the benefit of more time with her to evaluate your schooling options in person. After each visit, you will discuss and compare what you have just experienced so that you can decide which school is best for your family.

This package includes:

  • An overview of the educational landscape in Spain so that you know what to expect in terms of offering and quality
  • Insights on various curricula and how they may impact your child’s future educational options
  • A curated list of schools that meet your specifications
  • The organization of school visits and other school appointments (up to 3 schools)
  • Assistance with the application process (up to 3 schools) including advice on when to apply to which school
  • Coaching to assure productive school visits and successful navigation of key interviews
  • Accompanied visits and post-visit reviews of up to 3 schools
  • Video calls as needed, unlimited WhatsApp and email communication throughout one admissions cycle
  • Additional €100 per sibling
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